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Chimparoo Babygloo+ Winter Cover

The winter cover protects your baby against the cold, wind and precipitation.  It can be worn over any type of frontal babycarrier and with baby carriers made of material for back.  It is placed, with a frontal baby carrier, under your open coat, or directly over your coat easily in the front or on your back back.   The pouch comes with a cute hood that is warm adjustable and adorned with decorative trim.

The Babygloo model is made with a polyester material that is wind and water resistant and is lined with thick polar fleece against the cold.  The winter covers a baby lightly dressed for spring or autumn and with a light coat for winter.   To attach it, it has straps on the shoulders that close up the sides around baby.   An adjustable elastic on the bottom helps with the leg cover fit.

    • 3 seasons protection against cold, wind and rain for the baby in his carrier.  
    • polar fleece lining
    • Can fit all Chimparoo baby carriers, slings or soft structured style carriers on the front or on the back in the frog like position.
    • For temperatures between 0 and 15 degrees Celsius.
    • From birth up to 18 months.  
    • in Black only