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Nneka Nursing Pillow

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A great new nursing pillow option! The Nneka has many uses both during and after breastfeeding.

This pillow is multipurpose during your pregnancy, while nursing or feeding your baby and after for baby's use.

Body Pillow:

With its filling of buckwheat hulls, this pillow can be shaped to the form of your body. During pregnancy, it support the stomach, breast and legs for a more comfortable sleep. When nursing in bed, you can place the pillow along your back to relax.

Nursing Pillow:

Provides the necessary support for an optimum position while nursing.

Perfect for women of all shapes & sizes.

Due to the weight of the pillow (6 lbs!), it stays perfectly in place to prevent baby from sliding down between mom and the pillow.

Protects Baby When Lying Down:

Whether you nurse sitting on the sofa or lying in bed, this pillow is heavy enough to protect your baby (0-3 months).

Protects Baby when Sitting:

This pillow can by used to help your baby stay in a sitting position.

Technical details:

Cylindrical form is 24" x 8" in diameter 
Filling: 100% buckwheat hull 
Weight: approx. 6 lbs

Pillow design:

Inner Pouch: 68% polyester and 32% cotton. The pouch has a zipper that contains the buckwheat hulls allowing for easy access so you can adjust the quantity of buckwheat hulls and/or empty the pouch for washing.

Outer covering: mix of polycotton or 100% cotton. Various choices of fabric are available and change with the seasons. Fabrics are imported from Europe.


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