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Foley Cup Feeder

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The Foley Cup Feeder has a unique channel that allows the fluids to gently flow into the lip area where it pools so that the infant can easily be temporarily cup fed.

  • Reusable, Soft, Pliable
  • Wash with Warm Soapy Water
  • Contains NO Phthalate
  • Can AutoClave at 250
  • Latex Free

Pour a small amount of milk into the Foley Cup Feeder.  Start with a calm baby.  Wrap your baby gently in a blanket with his hands gently restrained and hold the baby in a semi-upright  position to avoid aspiration, supporting the shoulders, neck, and head with your hands.  Put a  wash cloth under his chin to catch spills.

Rest the cup on the baby’s lower lip, allowing your  baby to smell the milk, keeping the cup tipped so his tongue can lap or sip the milk.  Fill cup 
with more expressed milk as necessary.  Stop often to rub baby’s back and give him time to burp if he needs to.  Record amounts taken.  Stay in touch with your pediatrician or lactation consultant.  

Keep the milk at the baby’s mouth like a tranquil lake.  Do not pour the milk into the baby’s mouth – avoid a tidal wave of milk into the baby’s mouth, as this may cause him to cough and splutter.