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Why Babywear?

This one’s almost too easy – in short, because it’ll make you and your baby happy and your life easier!

Some advantages of babywearing include:

  • A happier baby – worn babies love snuggling close to their parents and it becomes easier to pick up on your baby’s cues while wearing him
  • A smarter baby – worn babies interact with their parents and others more often and are better to able to observe the way the world works from their perch on mom’s hip
  • A calmer baby – babies who are worn cry less which equals less stress for both of you!
  • A baby who grows well – physical contact has proven to be essential for baby’s development and growth and can be especially vital for premature babies
  • A baby who adjusts to the world more easily – after being thrust out of the womb all most babies want to do is to crawl right back in! The sling recreates the safe and familiar environment of the womb while allowing your baby to get used to this new and strange place she’s found herself in
  • An easier time nursing in public – the sling offers a quick, portable place to nurse anytime anywhere without sacrificing the privacy you may desire
  • An easier time being a mom – with a sling on, you are superwoman! Make dinner! Do laundry! Walk easily through a crowded mall! All the while attending to your baby’s needs…(and, hey, while your baby snoozes in the sling, there’s nothing that says you can’t stop for a relaxing pedicure!)
  • A more seamless integration of baby #2 and #3 (and so on!) – wearing your new baby in a sling gives you both hands free to continue to parent your older children – right when they likely need you the most!