Resources for Teachers, Businesses, Employers and Policy-Makers

Support for breastfeeding starts with an informed community!


We want to encourage parents and teachers (elementary and secondary) to introduce young people to breastfeeding. This is especially important for students who may not see women breastfeeding in their own families. Women often decide how they’ll feed their children before becoming pregnant. That’s why it’s important to learn about breastfeeding earlier than at prenatal classes.

The business and public sectors also have important roles to play in supporting breastfeeding and breastfeeding mothers. Information for them may also be found here.

Resources about breastfeeding for teachers

Elementary schools

Resources for elementary schools enable teachers to engage younger students in learning activities about breastfeeding.

The following sites contain information for teachers of the early grades:

Roots of Empathy

Secondary schools

Resources for secondary school teachers assist them to educate the parents of tomorrow.  Introducing breastfeeding information at this stage will enable them to make informed decisions later on.

Many organizations, including the Ontario Public Health Association, have developed resources for secondary school educators. Here is a list of websites to choose from:

A Breastfeeding Information and Activity Kit for Secondary School Teachers

Sharjah to introduce breastfeeding education in schools

Teenage Parents and Breastfeeding


Resources about breastfeeding for businesses, employers and policy-makers

For information about how to support a breastfeeding employee:

Breastfeeding and the Workplace

Breastfeeding is protected in law in Ontario. This link has more information:

Policy on discrimination because of pregnancy and breastfeeding

The following links will help you to welcome breastfeeding mothers to your premises:

Breastfeeding Welcome Here graphics

Ten Steps to a Lactation-Friendly Workplace

Creating a mother-friendly workplace



Breastfeeding policy for the City of Ottawa: 


Support for breastfeeding starts with an informed community.