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How to Choose a Babycarrier

Choosing a babycarrier is a very personal process and needs to include the likes and dislikes of both the wearer and the worn. By asking yourself a few key questions, you can start to sort out what will work for you. Here are some general thoughts based on our experience.

  • How old is your baby? While most of our carriers can be used from birth on up, some are better at different ages.
  • What position does your baby prefer to be held in? Not always indicative of what she’ll like in a sling but a good starting point!
  • Will this carrier be shared with others? If so, you’ll likely need adjustability in your carrier.
  • Will this be your main everyday carrier or is it for a specific purpose or occasion?
  • Do you have any back/neck/shoulder issues that should be taken into account? If so, a two-shouldered carrier (a wrap or a soft pack carrier) is probably your best bet.
  • How much time do you want to invest in learning to use a sling? A wrap will require the biggest investment of time.



Not sure yet? Here are our answers to a few common questions. Check out our article on Types of Carriers to get definitions and examples of the carriers mentioned below. Confused about what’s what on our product pages? Each product page will tell you what type of sling it is in the bulleted text on the page.

What’s the best carrier for

A newborn? My hands down favourite for a newborn is a stretchy wrap, coming in a close second would be a padded ring sling.

A toddler? Either a pouch (for those that prefer the hip carry) or a soft pack carrier (for back carries).

Dads? Almost always a soft pack carrier with pouches also making the cut.

A gift? A Milkface Money Gift Certificate would do the trick! But if you’d like to have an actual gift to present, an unpadded ring sling is a great gift – versatile and easy to use and no need to worry about sizing.

Versatility? A woven wrap – you can anything with these! If a woven wrap is a bit intimidating, an unpadded ring sling also offers a lot of versatility.

Owning just one carrier? Though I can’t quite conceive of having just one ;), an unpadded ring sling or a woven wrap gives you the most bang for your buck.

Hiking? A soft pack carrier.

Quickest on/off? A pouch or a ring sling.

Breastfeeding? A ring sling – either padded or unpadded – works best for most moms.

Still unsure? Please contact us – we’d be happy to help.