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About Us

Dear Nursing Mom,

Congratulations on making the choice to breastfeed your baby - I believe it gives your baby the best possible start in life and I support your decision to continue to nurse your child for as long as is mutually desirable.

Milkface Nursingwear was born exactly six months after my daughter. Nurturing her through nursing has proven to be one of the most rewarding experiences of my life and I have developed a passion for helping other breastfeeding pairs.

My mission is

  • to help you nurse your child in comfort and style - at home or in public
  • to keep you informed about news in the world of breastfeeding
  • to provide you with resources to deal with any breastfeeding problems
  • to support you and your child in your breastfeeding relationship
  • to become your online breastfeeding resource

We're her to help - please get in touch with any and all questions!

Happy Nursing,