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About our Lactation Consultants

Milkface Lactation Services grew out of Milkface Nursingwear Inc. After years of serving breastfeeding moms in the community with nursing products and casual support and information in store, Milkface wanted to expand on those offerings by adding trained IBCLCs (International Board Certified Lactation Consultants). To that end, three Milkface Mamas, owner Britt Pegan, manager Jan Chan and Sue Theriault Valin, undertook the huge project of becoming IBCLCs. As longtime La Leche League Leaders, all three were experienced breastfeeding supporters. The IBCLC requirements and studying brought them a better understanding of the science of breastfeeding to complement the training they already had in the art of breastfeeding.

Owner Britt Pegan in our comfortable office space.


In early 2014, Milkface Lactation Services was pleased to add Beth McMillan to the team. Beth has been in private practice since 2007 and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Since the pandemic, Beth has moved to her own private practice. Sue is now working in the community and with her own private practice. Jan has retired. They all remain firm supporters of both breastfeeding and each other.